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Nature in Nagarkot
Published By: Dr. Ravi Sharma Aryal        on: 2011-03-01
Nagarkot is an excellent touristic place, from where the panoramic view of the Himalaya could be seen during the good climatic condition. There are various places around the edge of the Kathmandu Valley that offer great mountain views, but Nagarkot just 30 km far from Kathmandu is generally held to be one of the best. At an altitude of 2175 meters, Nagarkot is more interested to person who loves to watch the natural beauty by making their way up to the sun appear over the Himalaya. “Nagarkot” literally means ‘Fort of the city’ and its location and the ancient trade route between Tibet and Kathmandu played a significant role in controlling movement into the valley. Nepal Army has also set up a post over there for its strategic security plan. The history shows that the ruler of the Nepal built their Summer Palace on the hilltop to keep cool during the summer season while enjoying the scenic Himalayan view.
It is more interested between September and February a trip to Nagarkot will always be good for a view. Other time, valley people escape the heat for the resort’s cool mountain air: Nagarkot is very much good for a two-night stay and some visitors stay even longer. The best way to leave Nagarkot is on foot, on downhill hikes west to Sundarijal, Sankhu, or Changu Narayan, North to Chisopani or South to Banepa.
In the past, Nagarkot was very much famous only for a day sunrise and sunset viewers. It is interesting to mention here that this place is also famous to sight Mt. Annapurna in the Northwest to Mt. Everest in the extreme North-East, when the climate is blue.
Among one of the best activity, hiking could be appropriate depending on the age of the Tourist. There are number of hiking routes to and from Nagarkot. You may only want to walk one way to Nagarkot which is a good idea, if so better to take the Vehicle to Nagarkot and walk back down .From Nagarkot to Changu Narayan is about one and half hours via Tharkot. Similarly, Nature Walk from Nagarkot to Sankhu is about two and half hours, Nagarkot to Banepa is about three and half hours and from Nagarkot to Sundarijal is of 1-2 days depending on the track you choose.
Nagarkot ethnic groups are among Tamang, Brahmin and Chettri communities, harvest buckwheat against the odds, but the advent of Tourism has given these   communities not only the employment in many hotels and restaurant business but also involvement into Agricultural products such as green vegetables and fruits.
Nagarkot has a fair selection of guest houses and hotels most of them far from pretty. Most are relatively expensive for the facilities you get, but the views are priceless. Some of the best accommodations are available at “Farm House” and ‘Club Himalaya Resort”. Among them Club Himalaya has named each room after the mountain peaks and has a private balcony with awe some views.   Nagarkot is a wonderful place to get a Panoramic View of a wide range of Himalayan View. This place is short drive from Kathmandu to get you fresh air to revitalize for creative thinking.
In Nagarkot, unsystematically mushrooming of hotels and encroachment of public lands are growing day by day. The Government of Nepal should think to focus on systematic planning of the area with conserving the natural beauty and public lands. One of the interesting ideas is that some of the private business houses are even thinking to operate cable car from Chagu Narayan to Nagarkot. Similarly, some of the innovative recreational attraction program for tourists in Nagarkot is also needed to attract local as well as foreign tourist.

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