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Tinker border point being used to smuggle animal p
Published By: Admin        on: 2013-10-31
Tinker border point being used to smuggle animal parts
June 05, 2013


KHALANGA (DARCHULA), June 4: The Tinker border area in Darchula district is turning into a major transit point for body parts of endangered animals to be smuggled to China, said the police.

According to District Police Office, smugglers have been using the Tinker border point to smuggle body parts of endangered animals from India to China.

Smugglers have been using the Tinker route of the district to smuggle body parts of endangered animals to China, said Kuwar Kadayat, chief of Darchula District Police Office (DPO), adding, “We have not been able to check smuggling as we are understaffed.”

There are only five policemen in Changru VDC and 10 policemen in the Area Police Office at the Tinker border point. “The government should set up an area police office with inspector as its chief,” he said. He also said the government should create posts for more personnel at check post.
Over the last eight months, the DPO has seized body parts of endangered animals four times. But the police have only been able to arrest porters used by smugglers in carrying the body parts to China, said the DPO.

In a latest incident, the police on Friday seized body parts of various endangered animals worth Rs 50 million and also arrested four porters. The police have recovered one tiger skin, five leopard skins, 30 kg leopard bone, four sets of tiger teeth, and two sets of elephant tusks, among others.
The arrested porters have been identified as Chawang Dungu Tamang of Jumla, Ghole Dhami, Gagan Dhami and Kusal Dhami of Darchula.
Likewise, smugglers from both India and China have also been using the Byash VDC route in the district for a decade as there is no police presence in the area for six months a year.

Meanwhile, locals claimed that the smuggling of animal parts is taking place in collusion with the police.

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