Published Date : 2019-10-02 (Modified Date : 2019-11-14)
The illegal trade in wildlife and its products continues to flourish despite several laws in the world. Laws only do not bring down the incidence of such crime in society, the poaching of wildlife, uprooting of plants and their subsequent trade has to be dealt within the field. We believe that the time has come to recognize the gravity of the situation and try to arrest cataclysmic decline of species.
  • WAG assists government to combat poaching and illegal trade on wildlife.
  • WAG plays significant role in protecting and conserving endangered and threatened species of fauna & flora.
  • WAG train people on Conservation Education.
  • WAG monitor captive wildlife activities.
  • WAG plays significant role on Animal Welfare activities.
  • WAG provides a common platform to facilitate and conduct conservation programs.
  • WAG maintains information on wildlife trade, hunting, poaching and illegal trade on wildlife products.
  • Empowering people towards environmental conservation & management through awareness.
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